An ICP aims to have:

  • the right people
  • in the right order
  • in the right place
  • doing the right thing
  • in the right time
  • with the right outcomes
  • all with attention to the patient experience.

(Integrated Care Pathways: A Guide to Good Practice. Llanharan, Wales: National Leadership and Innovation Agency for Healthcare, 2005)

Training has been identified as one of the key long term commitments required to achieve these aims. Training is not only necessary for those using ICPs, but is essential at all stages in the life of an ICP – from how to start developing one, to what to put into it, how to implement it and how to manage the ongoing monitoring.

Happily there is help from a number of sources, a selection of which are listed here:

  • SPA Mental Health ICP Workshops/Master Classes
  • European Pathway Association Summer School
  • National and International Conferences hosted by Scottish Pathways Association and the European Pathways Association respectively.
  • Healthcare¬†Improvement Scotland Mental Health ICP Toolkit Website.

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