SPA looking towards 2012

You may have received information asking if you are currently involved in the Scottish Pathways Association or would like to be in the future.  If you have received this information we would encourage you to complete it as we are keen to expand our membership and ensure our direction of travel reflects your thoughts.

You may also have received information asking your opinion on how additional education and training with regards to developing integrated care pathways in your field may help improve the patient experience whilst meeting the ever increasing demands of fiscal and policy pressure.  It would be extremely valuable to gauge how SPA can help meet your needs and assist you in meeting these ever increasing demands.  We would greatly appreciate you taking the time to complete the questionnaire attached to the email and returning it as per the instructions.  If you have not received this email contact us at .

We would like to emphasis that SPA is your resource and we are keen to encourage new and ongoing participation from those interested in progressing the use of clinical and care pathways aligned to improving patient experience whilst giving opportunity to ensure the most efficient use of services.  If you would like to become involved or simply find out more about SPA please do not hesitate to contact us at or speak to David Thomson (SPA vice chair) at 07789852482.

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