The Scottish Pathways Association (SPA) is an established group of NHS and partner agencies from all over Scotland, who support those developing, implementing and evaluating care pathways in various clinical areas. The main purpose of SPA is to provide support through education addressing issues on the development, implementation and sustainable use of care pathways.

The SPA has a  national committee which is responsible for strategic direction and implementation of support from SPA and consists of representatives from various organisations involved in healthcare with multi-disciplinary/multi-agency representation at the heart of its membership.

EPA & Partners

Since May 2009 the SPA has been a member of the European Pathway Association (EPA) and has representation on the EPA International Council. The EPA is an international ‘not for profit’ organisation of clinical/care pathway networks, user groups, academic institutions, supporting organisations and individuals whose aim is to support the development, implementation and evaluation of clinical/care pathways.

SPA is also a ‘not for profit’, low budget organisation currently financially supported by the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries (ABPI).  We would welcome any discussion with relevant interested parties/organisations who would consider partnership with SPA. This website is hosted and supported by Scottish Health on the Web (SHOW).

SPA Membership

We encourage people to become a member of SPA at no cost by completing the Membership Application Form which enables them to receive information and updates on developments from the world of care pathways and the work of SPA, promoting the opportunity for all to contribute to the care pathway and health improvement agenda. In addition we would further encourage members of SPA to become a member of the EPA by completing the relevant form which can be accessed through the European Pathway Association website. This will ensure you receive information on the use of pathways throughout Europe.

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